Job Search

We have various ways for you to start looking for a job

  • job-searchUse Job Gateway! Job Gateway is provided by the PA Department of Labor and Industry, and allows you to put your resume online and search for job postings.

  • Like us on Facebook! We update our content on this website and Facebook almost everyday. We regularly receive flyers from employers in the area about job leads, and share them with our followers.
  • Attend a job fair! PA CareerLink of Lancaster County holds 2 major job fairs a year, but we also have individual employers come from time to time. Another reason to like us on Facebook, since we put that information up on our page.
  • Fine tune your resume and your interviewing skills by taking free workshops at the PA CareerLink. Career Planning Seminar, Resume Workshop, and Applications/Interviewing. For a complete list of workshops, click here. To register call 717.509.5613 and speak to the receptionist.
  • Look into some of the other free workshops offered by the PA CareerLink! If you have a record,  Landing a Job with a Criminal Background (Mondays 8:45 am - 10:30 am) has great information to help you get the most of your job search. If you need help with computers, Computer Skills for Job Seekers (Fridays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm), and Digital Literacy every Monday and Friday at 2pm.
  • Our Resource Room allows you to create your resume, search for jobs online, make copies, and fax your resume to employers. We also have telephone rooms where you can continue your job search with calls to employers to follow-up sending your resume.

  • You can work with one of our counselors who will act as a job search coach, giving you pointers and encouragement as you look for a job.

  • Finally, you can participate in our very effective Job Search Center. The process begins with a CareerLink Orientation, followed by an eligibility appointment with a Career Navigator.  After entering the program, participants are trained in job search techniques for one full week (a 35 hour commitment).  At the end of the training, staff work with jobseekers to connect with employers by providing job leads, by reinforcing the job search techniques, by facilitating social media and in-person networking possibilities, and by opening access to training and other resources. 
    • Over the years, the Job Search Center has helped many people to find success in their job search.  Click here for examples.  The Center offers an impressive array of services.  It also has a clear idea of the pitfalls involved in job searching.  Consider the benefits of a job search conducted in the Job Search Center.  If your job search is at a standstill or if you know that you'll need some structure to get started, the Job Search Center is a great option for 5 to 15 hours per week as you require it.