Getting Started... Looking for Skilled Workers

With the PA CareerLink, find the skilled workers that you need

  • employer-searchYou can enter your job listings onto the PA CareerLink website from your computer at work or home on a 24/7 basis. You will need to establish an account to enter information. Click here to connect.

  • You can e-mail your job listings to one of our Business Services Representatives and we will put the information onto JobGateway.

  • In addition, we will be happy to take applications for your open positions even sorting through them to apply your acceptance criteria if you wish.

  • Many employers make use of the PA CareerLink facility and do their interviewing on-site where we can provide facilities for interviewing. There is a modest fee for this service.
  • At any one time, there are literally hundreds of jobseekers who are engaged in the programs of the PA CareerLink including Ready2Work and the Job Search Center.  Your next employee may already be attending the PA CareerLink. 

Your Business Services Representative is the key to successfully using the PA CareerLink to find skilled workers. Your Representative will probably want to talk with you to gather some basic information about the jobs for which you normally hire. They will also tell you about the advantages of being a Ready2Work employer.

What You Can Expect

Get as much or as little support as you need with the PA Labor Exchange System

We encourage you to develop a relationship with your Business Services Representative as your primary liaison with the PA CareerLink.

Your Business Services Representative can also provide you with information about the Ready2Work program and how to connect with it.

  •             Call 717.509.5613 and ask for Business Services